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"Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you"
Author: Princess Diana
Hi good morning everyone! It's around 7ish am. I get up early. I hope you all like the Princess Diana tribute! It will stay up for a while. I just adore Princess Diana. She was the best. So graceful and intelligent. :) Hope you all had a good month of June. It's almost July? Where has the time gone?! It's going so fast anymore. Which is good because I run out of money so fast by the end of the month. It's like where did my money go?! OH yeah wait. I shouldn't of bought that or bought this! Lmao! But I love to spend. I know I should hold on to my money. But sometimes it's hard. Ugh! :( I'm NOT Bill Gates and a billonare. Who has all this money to just throw away. I'm on a budget and need to stick to it. :) My birthday is July 28th. I'll be 44. Who would've thought that I'd be in a new apartment for my birthday this year. It sucks but it's okay I guess. I have a place to live and that's important. I was able to get furniture for my apartment. I did manage to get a bed. But it's used. It doesn't matter because I got a bed now. :) I got a TV and and stuff. So I'm all good to go. I even got a cheap computer that I use. It's a dell desktop. It's refurbished. But it does the job. It's a desktop. I got it off of Amazon. Then my computer desk I got from Amazon too. My bro in law actually put it together. Him and my siter helped me. :) Which was really nice of them to do. My sister also put together my dresser. Then my Auntie M put together my computer chair. I got great family. Not when we argue though, haha. But all families argue. Some of them make up again. Which that was the case with my Aunt and I. We had a bad argument but then we always make up in the end :) It's good because we are a small family. My cousin LeighAnn is in the hospital. Has been since gosh knows when. Ugh! Poor woman. She had both feet amputated. It had something to do with a blood clot. The cancer is spreading and she's not doing to good. They just lost there mom to cancer. Oh gosh. I feel terrible. I don't remember the year my Aunt Dot died. Ugh I hate forgetting. :( I miss my Aunt Dot. Aunt Dottie. She was a nice woman. We used to go over my cousin's house to play when we were younger. Around 10 or 11. :) It was fun. I miss my cousins. They live out in Las Vegas. Too far. I could go see them. But I DO NOT drive so that makes it more difficult. Ugh! The troubles in life we go through. Well going to end it here. Going to make some more graphics for you all. Hope you all have a good rest of your day. I can't wait for July to get here. Then I get my check. YAY! Hurry up Friday and get here. ;) Lmao! Until later. Ttyl everyone & god bless you all!