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Hi & welcome to GUMDROPS! I used to be luckystorm! Here is a FREE graphic website! I create backgrounds, icons and more! To find out he content look under below & Enjoy!

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welcome to gumdrops! enjoy your stay! come back soon!

Hi everyone and welcome to gumdrops! Okay So I'm working on a new header. Sometimes I hate what I create! I didn't mean for that to rhyme! LOL! But I don't! So please bare with me. I'm working on it :) Will be great! A lot of good things are happening in my life. I love my *NEW* apartment. I've been here since the middle of November! Loving it! It's my new home. I took in my mom's cat Lucky! I'm keeping her until I can find me a kitten :) I love animals. My beloved dog Coco passed away in Septemeber. She was the family dog! :*( She was so sweet! So friendly! Now she is gone! I miss her every day. Well I hope you all will have a good night. I haven't been feeling well. I'm getting dentures and all of my top teeth are gone. The top left side of my mouth is in so much pain it hurts so bad sometimes to even do anything. I just wanna relax and stay in bed :( Ugh! Wish and pray for me this heals faster. I can't take this pain much longer! Ugh! Well going to go relax. Hope you'll have a great night! Take care everyone! God bless!