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omg. I'm back! Well sorta! LOL! I want to thank you all for your support through my difficult time right now. Some of you may know My apartment got literally distroyed by Hurricane Ida. The rain just wiped everything away. I'm staying at hotel for a while. But guess who has an intake for another apartment?!?! This girl right here does! That's right! I may be getting another apartment! I hope so anyway. Wish me luck I do well tomorrow at my intake. Things have been crazy hectic right now. It's horrible. My beloved dog Coco passed away this month. She's been gone for almost a month! Let me tell you something, She was my rock! I would die for her. Now she is in heaven with all of my other animals. Don't worry Coco we will be together again someday. When GOD has his calling for me. I hope you all are having a good October. Where has the time gone?!?! I'm NOT even there yet. Ugh! What a stressful two months it's been! Oh & then we had to go to Pet emergency for my mom's dog! His name was Rc. Rc had to be put down! He had a tumour. He was bleeding from the inside. AWW poor Rc!!! He was our family dog!! He was 13 years old. He led a good life. He was the best! So well behaved, Omg. I'm in tears typing this to you all. But like I mentioned about Coco. Don't worry Rc. I'll see you again someday! Love you baby boy!!! Love you baby girl!!! Well gotta get up early tomorrow Love you all very much! God bless my ELITES & Affies! You guys are why I'm here! Your the best! Xoxoxo!!

Karmen from sheisl0ved.com Your the best girly! Thanks for willing to host me! sheisl0ved is a great site! So very cute! Thanks Karmen!!!!

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